VOdds Platform Review - Multiple Sportsbooks in One Click

VOdds Platform Review – Multiple Sportsbooks in One Click

The routine of a professional punter involves a lot of information gathering, intuition and the capability to find the best price among hundreds of sportsbooks. Luckily, the last bit doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of a handy tool called VOdds.

Here, we give you a quick insight about sportsbooks aggregators like VOdds.

One Platform for Better Odds: Sportsbooks Aggregators

If you have tried looking for odds between two or more sportsbook websites just to compare and find the best one, you already know how tedious the task can be. Not to mention, it is easy to lose a good price since you have to be quick to place a bet because changes in the odds can be unpredictable if you don’t have information about the trend.

Sportsbooks aggregators like VOdds remove the tiresome task of logging into more than one website by providing access to multiple bookies through their platform.

As far as sportsbooks aggregators go, VOdds is a simple yet promising platform that you can utilise if you want leveraged sports betting. They promise to give you ‘the smarter way to bet’, and that, we shall see through this review.

VOdds Platform Review - Multiple Sportsbooks in One Click!

VOdds Platform Review – Multiple Sportsbooks in One Click!

Sports and Betting Markets Offered

When looking for sportsbooks aggregators, it is best to choose one that caters to what sport you specialise in. And while there are a lot of sports out there that you can place bets on, VOdds offers quite a few — albeit, profitable — sports: Football, Basketball and Tennis.

Three sports in a platform may sound a tad lacking, but once you browse through their platform, you’ll notice that they have access to odds for quite a number of football leagues, basketball games and tennis matches. Combine that with their partnership with big books like Pinnacle, SBOBET, SB168, Shibo, BetISN, Wuming, CROWN, and Nova88 (formerly MaxBet), you can rest assured that they have great odds.

In terms of betting markets, they also offer three: Asian handicap, 1X2 and Asian totals. To a novice punter, that may not seem a lot, but professional bettors know that if you know your game, the Asian handicap market can be quite profitable compared to the traditional European handicap.

Payment Methods

VOdds accepts Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and Bank Wire. If you want to know about how fast they process withdrawals and deposits, Skrill and Neteller are often instantaneous. Meanwhile, Bitcoin might take about six confirmations from their networks. Finally, Bank Wire transactions may take somewhere between 3 to 5 banking days — although, UK to UK processes may be instantaneous.

If you look at the Trading Platform page on their website, they also note that they have a minimum turnover requirement, which depends on what payment method you choose. Should you not meet the requirement, you will shoulder withdrawal fees.

Moreover, at the time of writing this article, VOdds has a minimum deposit amount of 5 EUR/GBP. Meanwhile, you have two free withdrawals per month if you meet the turnover requirement. Also, VOdds can make the transfers for you if you can’t find the time to make the processes yourself.

If you want VOdds to make the transfers, you have the option to use the Live Chat on their website or make a payment request through that VOdds platform once you create an account. Moreover, you can change deposit options through their live chat, too.

Trading API and Resources

If you are a betting analyst or group, VOdds offers a fast sports trading API that you can incorporate and customise according to your strategies. They also offer full customer service for technical support; and promises low latency feed and periodical enhancements to improve the system. On top of that, VOdds doesn’t charge for API usage.

Aside from an API, VOdds also offers free trading resources on their website blog. Even at first glance, you will see various betting tips and advice that you can incorporate into your current betting strategy.

Finding a sportsbooks aggregator that provides betting tips can be rare, and it’s great that VOdds is one of them. Most of these are valuable content that you might not be able to find and learn just anywhere, so don’t hesitate to visit VOdds‘ blog if you want to learn more!

Simple and Does the Job

Overall, VOdds is a simple platform that is easy to navigate. Hence, if you are new to using sportsbooks aggregators, you don’t have to worry about it being confusing. The platform does what it promises, and that is to make betting easier and more profitable for you by giving you aggregated odds from various bookies.

So, if you want to be serious about sports betting, VOdds is a great tool to help you reach your goal of becoming a professional sports bettor. Create an account with VOdds today!