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Value betting

There are a lot of sports betting professionals and value is one of the most common words they use in vocabulary.

Value Bets – What They Are And Where To Find Them?

If you are a beginner in the world of sports betting, this term is used to determine if the given odds are worth the risk you are taking.

Manchester United being priced with low 1/10 rate can hardly be described as a value against Swansea City who are desperately trying to avoid relegation.

On the other hand, backing Tottenham on the road to beat very tough home side Burnley at 5/6 can be regarded as a solid value and a football prediction..

How To Find Value In Football Betting?

This is probably one of the toughest questions to answer. Experience is probably going to play a key role in finding good value bets. The main goal here is recognizing that bookmakers are offering a lot better odds than a realistic probability of that outcome is. The easiest example to use to describe this is a coin toss. We have two possible results when we flip a coin – head or tails, which means the chance to predict the side successfully, is 50%.

So your goal here is to skip the bookmaker which is offering 1.95 odds for this bet, and find the one with the 2.10 odds! You should apply this to football matches and bet on teams which have a higher chance of winning than the odds might suggest.

Betting On Underdogs

Backing the team which is considered as an underdog in a clash is the biggest profit maker in this type of betting. Don’t get scared to see 3.60 odds on Hibernian to beat Glasgow Rangers on the road, especially because The Gers are not consistent like they used to be one decade ago. Stakes on bets like this usually shouldn’t be high, but potential profits are just insane. For example, if you had bets placed against Arsenal FC for their matches on the road every single time in season 2017/2018, profits would have been huge.

Become Sports Betting Expert For Certain Leagues

Focusing on one or maybe two leagues is a good idea. If you watch the majority of games, take notes, follow news about potential injuries or suspensions, the better insight you have. By doing this it is going to be easy to spot good value bets in Premier League or value bets for the weekend in general. Another important factor in long-term success with value betting is to take advantage of great promotions and free bets. You can check the latest promos announced by the bookies HERE, or use a bunch of free bets found on THIS PAGE.

Besides posting value bets for soccer, there will also be a lot of tennis tips (usually betting on underdogs) and ice hockey matches.