Asian Handicap explained – Quick guide to AH betting

Asian Handicap explained – Quick guide to AH betting

All punters must have probably heard of Asian Handicap at some point. It’s one of the most popular types of betting for its odds and markets.

Asian handicap works by eliminating the possibility of a third result in sporting events, specifically, it removes the possibility of a draw which consequently increase the chances of winning.

The concept can be confusing for a lot of people but once you wrap your head around it, it’s actually easy to understand and can be a very profitable market to place your bets on.

With this, here’s a quick guide to help you understand this market better.

Brief Intro to Asian Handicap

First and foremost, Asian handicap is a type of betting market that gives the underdogs or the weaker team an advantage. It also works by eliminating the option of a draw for which ultimately gives the underdog an edge.

In its other counterparts, you’ll have to select which team will win the game or select the option of it possibly ending in a draw. This will automatically give you three options: win, draw or lose.

Here are a few of the outcomes you can encounter when you bet on the Asian handicap market.

Types of Asian Handicap

Full Goal

Full Goals are represented by whole numbers such as – 0.00, -1.00, -2.00 and so on. This type of AH betting doesn’t necessarily remove the possibility of a draw option, but in cases where a match does end in one, the bettor gets back their stake rather than lose it.

This type of Asian handicap works the same way as a Half Goal but has to the possibility that your full stake can be returned.

To help you understand the meaning of what the numbers and symbols represent in a Full Goal Asian Handicap market, here’s an example.

If you bet on Arsenal at -2 with £100 and they win the game by a two-goal margin, the result will be considered a draw. In this particular scenario, you will get your £100 back.

In the scene where Arsenal wins by more than two goals, you automatically win your bet and will earn a profit that amounts in accordance with the odds.

Furthermore, if you back a team with a -1.00 handicap, they will start the match with a 1 goal deficit. Meaning, they will need to win by exactly 2 goals for your bets to be considered a success.

Half Goal

Half Goal betting is the most straightforward type of AH betting. Basically, this type of AH betting is the closest to the standard Asian handicap betting since it only offers two possible outcomes: you can either win or lose.

When it comes to the number and symbols it uses, half goals are represented by -0.5, -1.5, +2.5 and so on. Similarly to the full goal betting, these variants represent how many goals your selected team should win.

Quarter Goal

This is often the part of AH betting where people are put off because it seems a bit confusing.

It’s also worth noting that there are only quarter goal handicaps are represented only with .25 and .75 regardless of the whole number and the symbol that precedes them. With this, quarter goals usually look like hese number variants: +1.25, +1.75, -.2.25, -1.75 and so on.

Somewhere between a gull goal and half goal, there’s a quarter goal handicap. Basically, the easiest way to understand a quarter goal handicap is to think about splitting your stake in half to the closest full goal and half goal handicap.

Though quarter goal handicaps are not as common as the other two, this type of Asian handicap is just as interesting.

By placing a quarter goal handicap, you split your stake between the two previously explained types of Asian handicap bets. Meaning, you can either be a full winner or have half of your stake returned in a scenario where the match ends in a draw.

Benefits of Betting on Asian Handicap

With the rapid increase of popularity of the Asian handicap market, here are some of the benefits you can get when you place your bets on them.

  1. Asian handicap betting eliminates the possibility of a draw result which increases your chances of winning.
  2. Asian handicap is usually the most popular market among professional punters which means they tend to offer better value as compared to regular markets.
  3. There’s a bigger chance you can still win your bet even if the team you bet on loses the match though it will depend on which type of handicap you bet on.
  4. Betting margins in the Asian handicap market are lower since the draw option is removed. This provides more opportunities for a consistent profit in the long run.

Best Bookmakers for Betting on Asian Handicap

Whether you’re a mug punter or a professional bettor, you probably experienced how time-consuming it is to create accounts for multiple bookie accounts whenever you want to compare and shop for the best odds in the market.

There are literally hundreds and thousands of bookies in the world wide web and finding the best ones can be really challenging.

Though there are lots of reliable and good bookies out there, you might want to try out something new when you want to bet.

Take a chance on sportsbooks aggregators such as the VOdds sports trading platform. If you’re not familiar with what a sportsbooks aggregator is, they are basically a collector of odds from a wide range of bookmakers.

Creating multiple betting accounts won’t be necessary since aggregators got all that you need.


Asian Handicap has proven to be one of the effective ways to maximise your profits in sports betting.

Now that you have a good and solid understanding of how to bet on the Asian Handicap market, the next step is for you to create an account with a reliable betting brokerage service or sportsbooks aggregator to reel-in more profits.