Football is Back and so are our tips!

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a couple of devastating months for people from all over the globe. Luckily, it seems the worst had passed as we are witnessing the cancelation of restrictions in many different life spheres. We know how we felt in the lack of proper football matches and we can imagine how tough it was for every football fan to get used to life without his/her favourite game, player, coach, team, etc.

During the pandemic, football was played in several low-profile leagues (top-flights of Belarus and Tajikistan for example), but with all due respect to these competitions, we missed the stars of the game. But hey, FOOTBALL IS BACK! How badly did we all want to read or hear this short sentence?

First of all, let’s see what has been confirmed so far:

Bundesliga first to restart, La Liga & Serie A back very soon

The German elite division was the first to see its top teams get back to the pitch on Saturday, May 16th. Italian and Spanish top leagues will resume on June 12th and June 13th respectively, as announced by their presidents. South Korean top-tier has already returned earlier, while most other European leagues will restart in the next month.

Danish Superliga will kick off on May 28th, while Portuguese Primeira Liga is scheduled to resume two days later, on May 30th. Turkish Super Lig will be back on the same weekend as La Liga and Serie A. The major continental club competitions will also be continued as the UEFA Champions League final is set for August 29th, three days after the UEFA Europa League final (August 26th).

French Ligue 1 and Dutch Eredivisie are among rare competitions that will not be in action this summer. Other leagues, including the English Premier League, are soon expected to release the exact dates. We expect the English top flight to resume in mid-June as well.  

Betting Detectives – Let’s make the community even stronger now!

As you know, we were forced to stop updating our betting picks across all daily sections due to the shortage of proper football action in the world. We could have continued by providing picks for the leagues, competitions, and sports we do not follow in reality, but that’s not our manner.

Ever since the beginning of our journey, our main goal was to use our knowledge about football (we later gathered a group of experts for other sports as well) and our large experience in sports betting for the purpose of gathering a strong and healthy community of bettors. We never promised 100% fixed matches (whoever does – lies), but instead spent countless hours analyzing numerous aspects and factors of a certain game to be able to post a high-quality and a high-value pick.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far. Your supportive messages are our driving force and there is nobody happier than us when we enjoy a fabulous day with bountiful winning bets.

Football picks will be up on all sections EVERY DAY!

In addition to everything written above, we are happy to announce the full return of betting detectives. What does it mean? You can expect our bets for every single section on the site every single day from now on. Football is back in action and we are back in action! Always bear in mind that these are completely free picks, and they are always going to be free. Since we have not been posting bets in 45 days or so, we want to remind you of the sections (in case if there is someone who has forgotten them):

Premium Picks

With respect to our subscribers, we have stopped counting the days for their subscriptions as soon as the pandemic canceled the first matches in Europe. We want to build a fair and honest relationship with the members of our community. If some of you are new here, we’d like to briefly describe the premium picks to you.

After long analyses of football matches that are scheduled to be played on a certain day, we highlight 4 to 6 (usually) of our best picks and send them via e-mails to our Premium members. To become a premium member, you only need to pay $2.99 a month. This is $0.10 per day. The sole purpose of this symbolic fee is to raise funds so we can hire more experts for different sports and increase our chances of beating the bookmakers and making big profits every month.

The registration for Premium Members is very easy and straightforward. Just visit THIS LINK and click on the red “SUBSCRIBE” button!

That’s all for now folks! We are super excited to be back in the business. Let’s enjoy our favourite game to the max and let’s crush these bookies again!