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Daily Double Tips

Today’s Daily Double is as follows:

League Stat Next Match Date
Superliga Superliga Midtjylland have had Over 1.5 goals in their last 7 home matches. Midtjylland vs Silkeborg Sunday, May 26th 15:00
Superliga Superliga FC Copenhagen have had Over 1.5 goals in their last 7 home matches. FC Copenhagen vs Nordsjælland Sunday, May 26th 15:00

What are daily double tips?

Daily double betting is one of our favourites. Singles give you a nice and realistic chance of making money.

Accumulators with multiple options bring you the chance to win big. Doubles are just in between these two.

They have the best of both singles and multiple-option accumulators.

That’s one of the reasons why we love them so much, apart from the huge win-ratio percentage we’ve had with them over the history.

What is Daily Double Tip

The answer is simple. It is a combination of two bets put together into one. Your detectives will make sure to post them on a daily basis. We will track the progress and success here as well as on our Twitter channel.

Double Your Stake With Football Betting

There are several strategies you can use with doubles. We will focus on two that have made us love this type of betting so much.

The first is literally doing what the name says. Sometimes it is easier to hit two bets which give evens odds combined (2.00 or 1/1) than chase these odds in a single.

Doubling your stake is a process which can’t be successfully completed on a daily basis. Here you just look for the researched tips which actually represent bankers of the day.

When you have two of a kind on the same day, you got bingo. You’d be surprised how many of these doubles actually land home.

The odds of 2/5 or 1/2 might look too low to be taken in a single bet and they are just born for this type of betting.

Best Tips For The Day Joined in a Double

The second strategy would be chasing higher odds picks and aiming towards hitting one of three doubles on average to stay profitable.

You can do this by finding two value-bets for a day and join them together in a double. Say you have two 1/1 tips which combined give you the 3/1 odds.

The maths is easy. You hit one of three such doubles and you are in the money.

Obviously, your detectives are here to help you cherry pick two of the best picks for both of the above mentioned strategies.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check our updates either here or via social media channels.

Boost Your Bankroll With Daily Doubles

Do you know what’s the best of all? You just basically need £10 to have a high chance of staying with us and make money using daily doubles long-term. How is this possible?

William Hill are very generous with their welcome package. They reward you with £30 in free bets. In order to qualify, you only need to make a £10 bet.

Our suggestion would be to place four equal bets with this amount of money, following our doubles on a daily basis. William Hill generally have a wide range of markets for football betting and they are super competitive when it comes to odds. In all, the chance of failure is reduced literally to minimum if you follow suggestions from this piece of text.