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Anytime goalscorer tips

As the name suggests, in this particular betting market you are banking on a player to score a goal at any time during a football duel. An important thing to mention that extra-time period does not count towards this bet, unless bookmaker specifies otherwise. 

What are Anytime Goalscorer Tips?

This section is going to be updated every time we see potential value for Anytime Goalscorer tip.

Key To Success For This Betting Market

There are a lot of important things you need to be aware of before placing a bet for this market. The most crucial one in our opinion is to do a research on opponents. For example, if you have an eye on Glasgow Ranger’s Alfredo Morelos to score a goal this weekend, make sure the opponent they are facing are not Hearts. Why? Well, team from Edinburgh has the second best stats in the back in Scottish Premiership Season 2017/2018, so you definitely want to wait until Gers face some weaker opponent. The odds for this type of market for top players are usually between 1.60 and 2.40. Another important thing to monitor is player’s form. Bets on a player who has a lot of appearances but low number of goals scored lately probably should be avoided.

First Goalscorer vs Anytime Goalscorer predictions

If you are looking for safer options you definitely shouldn’t go out from comfort zone and continue placing Anytime Goalscorer bets for soccer. However, the real value is probably in First Goalscorer market. Why? It is simple. The odds are astronomically higher. It is really hard to tell in which situation you should drop the normal pattern and go for risky plays. Once again, research is the key. If team with high number of goals is paying a visit to slightly lower positioned squad, take a look at starting roster. If there is only one striker up-front, like in formation 4-5-1, backing that player to score first or anytime sounds like a good move!

Best Odds For Goalscorer Market

There is no big difference in terms of the odds offered by top UK bookmakers on this. However, one promotion is definitely worth mentioning here. Betfred have fantastic offer for punters who fancy betting on First Goalscorer for English Premier League matches. Place a bet on Sadio Mane for example to score the opener against Stoke City and your odds will be DOUBLED if Senegalese wingers scores two goals. That is not all. If Mane scores a hat-trick, odds will be tripled, so this offer is definitely worth checking out.

Money Back If Your Player Doesn’t Play

Of course, you will get money back if your player surprisingly starts the match on the bench and remains unused for the game. However, if he spends more than five minutes on the pitch, bet will be marked as losing one. Following pre-game lineups is the smart thing to do before placing bets. We would also avoid placing bets on any player prone to injuries..